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Based in the Waterloo Region, Cycle Electric provides a wide variety of E-bikes for people of all ages as well as E-bike repair services. Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped our customers find the right E-bike for their needs. Through interaction with our customers, we’ve rolled out a series of answers to frequently asked questions. 

E-Bike Facts

Check it out below:

All operators must be over the age of 16
All operators must wear a helmet

All E-bikes must have their pedals on

No drivers licence is required
No insurance is required
No plates are required

All E-bikes are limited to an output of 500w and a maximum speed of 32 km/h

No passengers are allowed on an E-bike unless there is separate seating

E-bikes are allowed to travel where conventional bicycles travel

All riders must follow the same rules as conventional bicycles according to the Highway Traffic Act

You can be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada for drinking and driving an E-bike

Recharge your battery pack after every use

When storing batteries for long periods of time store fully charged then recharge every 30 days thereafter

Only use the charger provided with your E-bike

Direct link to list of Ontario E-Bike Laws here: Riding an E-bike

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