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About Us

About Cycle Electric

Cycle Electric has been a family-run business since 1997. Our business has grown over the years to accommodate new products and services. When the Ontario provincial government began the electric bike pilot project in October 2006, we brought in electric conversion kits and fitted them onto regular bicycles and tricycles. The pilot project was deemed a success and the demand for electric bicycles in Ontario continues to grow. We expanded our business to carry regular bicycles, electric conversion kits and electric bikes in Waterloo.  Avoid the high costs of insurance, vehicle maintenance, fuel and parking.

We intend on selling the best electric bikes with the highest quality components. All of our products are backed by the best warranties in the business. We carry several brands of electric bikes including Pedego, Velec, iGo, Trivel, Fuell, Magnum, and others. Come see us or visit our Products page.

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